Professional Approach

Each member of our team offers unparalleled levels of professionalism and experience in the delivery of our services. We recruit the best and most highly skilled security professionals in the industry, with many of our people bringing with them an extensive background with the New Zealand police and military. Our team also has an in-depth knowledge of New Zealand law, in both criminal and employment law, as well as excellent relationships with barristers, solicitors, and law enforcement agencies.

International Network

Given the scale of our expertise and the complex and challenging cases that we work on, we are often required to work outside New Zealand. As a result, we have built a hand-picked and highly trusted network of international investigators who support our New Zealand-based team whenever the need arises. Our global expertise includes the United Kingdom, United States, Mexico, Japan, China, Australia, and a range of other countries.

Facts Not Theories

We work on facts, not theories, even when those facts are not what you want to hear. Our aim is to get to the truth, to follow the leads, and complete accurate assessments, wherever that information takes us. This means you can trust the veracity, authenticity, and accuracy of the services we offer and the information we provide. Furthermore, we see things that others don't, ensuring a complete service offering, while still operating within the strict legal boundaries of New Zealand law.

Employment Matters

One of our key areas of expertise is providing support to employers during the recruitment process. Specifically, we provide vetting and screening services that check the information provided by the candidate as part of the application process, as well as to uncover information the candidate did not divulge. The information we provide on prospective candidates will help you make the right recruitment choices.

Private Matters

Acting with discretion, sensitivity, and confidentiality are essential components of many of the services that we provide. Our team understands the challenging situations that people and organisations face when they engage the services that we offer. Therefore, we respond appropriately with services you can count on and a team you can trust.

Visible Presence

It is just as important for security measures to be seen to ensure bad actors are deterred at crucial moments. Our security consultancy services can transform your security infrastructure and processes to enhance the visibility of the protection that you deploy. We can also provide practical support through our uniformed guarding and patrol services.