Mark Templeman

Mark is one of New Zealand’s most highly respected and skilled private investigators and security consultants.

Prior to entering the private sector, Mark served in the New Zealand Police Criminal Investigations Branch (CIB). While there, he received commendations for professionalism and expertise from judges, The Crown Solicitors Office, and the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Now exclusively in the private sector, Mark’s skillset is unparalleled. He has led numerous successful large-scale commercial investigations that have resulted in advantageous outcomes for his clients. Those investigations have ranged from employee dishonesty and complex fraud cases through to physically and operationally restructuring the security operations at large organisations.

Mark has also personally managed a number of New Zealand’s largest and most prestigious personal protection projects. Clients over the years have included banks, airlines, and other corporate clients, as well as high net worth individuals and VIPs.

With regard to private individuals, he has also planned and implemented 24/7 security operations for private residences, including safe rooms and intruder detection systems. He is regularly consulted with for expertise on security countermeasures for a wide range of threats, including kidnapping and home invasion, as well as fugitive recovery.

One example is a case where Mark successfully located a fugitive wanted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for serious sexual offending warrants. The person was hiding in New Zealand under an alias, so the American victim’s family asked Mark to track him down. Mark coordinated the locating and apprehension of the individual with the New Zealand Police, as well as the return of the person to the United States where he is now convicted and imprisoned. A previous case has also seen Mark locate several million pounds of fraudulently obtained funds and the apprehension of an escapee from an English prison living in New Zealand under a false identity.

Mark enjoys a strong and mutually respectful relationship with New Zealand’s legal professionals, and he is exceptionally experienced in working with the legal community. The services he provides include investigative services, where Mark has been involved in some of New Zealand’s highest-profile criminal cases. He also supplies litigation support for civil matters around the globe.

No matter the case, Mark’s philosophy and approach remain the same – professionalism, honesty, discretion, and integrity. He operates with determination and skill to get results, fast.

Our Surveillance Team

Our surveillance operators have extensive experience in the private sector in addition to backgrounds working on specialist surveillance squads for the New Zealand police. This extensive range of experience means they are skilled in all areas of surveillance. We ensure they stay up to date with legislative changes and industry best practice standards and technology.

Our Close Protection Team (Executive Protection)

The members of our close protection team are also highly experienced security professionals. We typically recruit from the Diplomatic Protection Squad of the New Zealand Police and specialist military units, so the background of our employees includes protecting high-ranking government officials, royalty, prime ministers, and other VIPs. Our close protection team is also highly discreet, professional, and trustworthy.

Templeman also provides 24/7 close protection to high net worth New Zealand families and high net worth visitors to New Zealand.