Litigation Support in Criminal and Civil Matters

As a barrister or solicitor, you have a responsibility to your client to present the best possible defence during criminal or civil court proceedings. Part of presenting the best possible case often involves having access to the right information, including information that is hard to find as well as information that is not yet known about.

At Templeman, we have extensive experience working with legal defence teams, providing support and specialist investigation services. This includes working on the most serious of cases, including homicide, sexual assault, and drug offences.

The expertise of our investigators includes finding evidence that will support your case as well as evidence that will rebut the case of the prosecution. We have excellent relationships with barristers and solicitors across New Zealand, and we have experience working on criminal and civil legal cases in other countries.

Our investigating teams are professional, diligent, and discreet, and they are highly knowledgeable about the rules around admissible evidence.

Our Litigation Support Services

Examples of our litigation support services include:

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