I have had a working relationship with Templeman since October 2007. Initially I engaged them to conduct a review of a specific theft investigation. The review was expedient, thorough and professional. Following on from that, I engaged Templeman to conduct all further investigations. In the first year Templeman and Associates achieved 30 apprehensions and recovered stolen property in a number of instances. They are proactive in their final reports, identifying weaknesses in current processes or physical security and suggesting remedial courses of action. FLIWAY also have a guarding contract with Templeman which is separate and distinct from the investigation services provided. The Templeman guards are well trained and very professional in their conduct and appearance. Their presence is effective from a security standpoint, but they also present a very professional image to our clients and customers. Templeman guards provide us with two daily reports logging all activities and highlighting and incidents. Their remit spans beyond just security, they are diligent in assisting with health and safety enforcement and any other site issues. There is regular communication between Templeman management and our company to ensure any issues are being addressed and to ensure that we are continually improving the security of our site, property and staff. Templeman have reduced the incidences of loss in our business, heightened the security awareness and greatly increased the professionalism of our security.

Fliway – Computer Transport Services (NZ) Ltd Duncan Hawkesby, Managing Director

We have used the services of Mark Templeman for a number of years in relation to internal and external investigations in both New Zealand and Australia. Templeman have been our preferred supplier for investigations and security matters-bringing a professional, systematic and objective approach to issues in respect of issues where integrity, confidentiality and timeliness are key.

Carter Holt Harvey Limited Nicolas Short, General Counsel

For a period in excess of 10 years, I have utilised to a significant extent the professional services provided by Mark Templeman. These extend beyond standard investigation work and include preparation for and assistance throughout trials, both civil and criminal. I have no hesitation in providing them with the highest recommendation. Templeman’s profes-sionalism integrity and honesty are unquestioned. They have extremely high skills as investiga-tors and without doubt their work has contributed in a major way to successful litigation in courts throughout New Zealand.

John Haigh QC Barrister

Mark Templeman and his team have been providing 24/7 security for a high net worth family in Auckland since 2007. During this time they have provided a very high standard of personal security including responding to various security threats as they have arisen over the years. Mark has been responsible for the personal security of the family and for creating and regularly upgrading the technical and physical security to the residential properties as well as associated properties. Mark is also responsible for monitoring international travel for the family and is an integral part of the emergency management team. We have always found that Mark’s advice and actions have been extremely professional and able to be relied upon in all situations that have arisen. The security team who are present at the family property on a 24/7 basis are always well presented and professional in their dealings with the family and visitors. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark Templeman and his company to provide high quality security solutions. The long standing relationship with Templeman Security is evidence of the high level of trust and satisfaction we have with their performance.

Client Auckland

Templeman have completed several assignments for the Emerald Group and for me personally. I have been extremely impressed by their integrity and professionalism when dealing with highly confidential matters. Throughout my dealings with Templeman they have acted in the best inter-ests of our business and I have no hesitation in commending them to you.

Diane Foreman CEO Emerald Group Limited Deputy Chairperson – New Zealand Business Round Table

During my tenure as CEO of Air New Zealand I had occasion to engage the services of Mark Templeman and Bryce Dick who provided executive protection services to myself and family. These services were provided in New Zealand and Australia. I have no hesitation in recommend-ing Templeman to other organisations requiring threat assessment and personal security for themselves and their employees. I found them to be very professional and discreet in the provi-sion of this service to Air New Zealand and my family.

Gary Toomey Former CEO Air New Zealand

We enlisted the services of Mark Templeman to locate a fugitive wanted by the FBI in the United States. Mark was able to locate this individual in a matter of days and assist in returning him to the US in order to stand trial for the charges against him. The professionalism and speed in which Mark handled this matter far exceeded our expectations. We highly recommend the ser-vices of Templeman not only to those in New Zealand bit to anyone in the world – their results are exceptional.

Brad & Lori DeVinney USA