Security Consulting

Templeman is an internationally renowned security consultancy based in Auckland, New Zealand. We offer a wide range of security consultancy services, and we have experience working with both individuals and large corporations. This includes providing security and personal protection services for organisations facing crisis situations and challenges such as large-scale industrial action.

Our security consultancy services include conducting risk assessments and threat analysis, as well as developing and implementing strategies and plans to mitigate risks, eliminate threats, and provide reassurance to the people and organisations we are helping to protect.

Specialist Expertise

With our extensive experience in the security industry in New Zealand and around the world, we have a granular level of understanding of the risks and vulnerabilities faced by individuals, organisations, and properties. This knowledge and experience allow us to offer effective and robust mitigation solutions.

We can also help you prepare a business case for the security arrangements and strategy to ensure you obtain sufficient funding.

Our Security Consulting Services