If you need private investigation services in Auckland, contact us at Templeman. We have extensive experience and a proven track record delivering surveillance services for multinational corporations, large NZ businesses, SMEs, individuals, and other organisations. Many of our staff have a background in the police and other investigative services, and we maintain the highest standards of professionalism.

Our team also has an in-depth understanding of relevant aspects of New Zealand law, including employment law, criminal law, trademark law, privacy law, and more.

Private Investigations in Auckland

The expertise we offer includes:

This expertise leads to highly beneficial outcomes for our clients, including full recoveries, criminal prosecutions, and successful civil litigations.

Our services will be tailored to your requirements, so please get in touch to get a free quote.

Surveillance and Covert CCTV

We provide surveillance services, including covert CCTV services, for organisations investigating employees, competitors and suppliers. We also provide surveillance services for individuals, including those involved in matrimonial disputes.

Due Diligence Investigations

Due diligence investigations are essential to ensure you have the information you need before you take a significant business or personal decision. Our due diligence investigation services include financial background checks, litigation history, reputation history, and criminal history.

Litigation Support

We have experience working with barristers and solicitors on a range of cases, both criminal and civil, in New Zealand and other parts of the world. We can help with the preparation of your case, including gathering evidence, verifying information, and conducting all other types of investigation.

Theft and Fraud

If you suspect an individual or entity of committing theft or fraud against your organisation or you as an individual, we can help at Templeman. We'll conduct a thorough investigation to get to the truth of the matter, with an impressive track record of successful recoveries and prosecutions.

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