Ram Raids In New Zealand

Is your security fit for purpose?

With all the publicity around Ram Raids in Auckland, it is time to look at your security systems and operations and confirm if they are fit for purpose in today’s environment.

In recent news reporting, we are seeing media highlights on Ram Raid attacks on retail premises however vehicles have been used as a burglary tool going back decades. Stolen cars and vans were used to force entry not only into retail premises but commercial and industrial buildings as well as pulling bank ATMs out of the wall.

The recent publicity is also centered around the age of the offenders, some as young as seven (7) to ten (10) years of age, and through my expertise I am sure that in the background of a number of these events there are older and more experienced criminals subtly pulling the strings.

Ram Raids Affect Businesses in Auckland

Whether a criminal is young or old, every criminal event they are involved in causes significant loss to the business that had been targeted including the cost of damage to windows and doors as well as loss of the property they’ve stolen. The business may also be affected by an increase in premium insurance and in some cases leave an effect on  staff morale, as well as a reduction in confidence within the business from suppliers and customers.

How to Secure Your Business Against These Ram Raids?

As a security company, we get called to the scene of a burglary post the event occurring and it is often the case that we find the security systems were not fit for purpose. This is due to the systems that were used such as alarms, CCTV and fencing which have not been properly maintained. In a number of cases, we have noticed the installed alarms failing to effectively monitor the space or plainly not in a working condition.

Here are some suggestions to mitigate the risk of ram raids in Auckland:

  • Ensure your gates and perimeter fences have no obvious vulnerabilities.
  • Ensure that your CCTV & surveillance systems are properly maintained and set each night.
  • Be vigilant during the day.
  • Often criminals are scoping places during the day only to return at night to commit the burglary
  • Ensure that your alarm protocols are current. 
    • Often people who leave a business are on the notification list for an alarm activation which leaves the monitoring company in the position of being unable to reach a current contact person when there is an alarm activation.
    • Engage with your security provider for regular site patrols.
  • It is timely to investigate whether your security sits relevant to your risk.
  • If you have high value and readily disposable goods then you are a potential target for burglars. Professional burglars are operating 24/7.
  • Ensure your systems are actually monitored.

Together, Prevention Can Be Achieved! 

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Wings Security Weekly Research

A client recently noticed a vehicle loitering outside their premises and that night a security guard was stationed at the site as a precaution. Sure, enough later that evening an attempt was made to break into the site and this was foiled by the security guard. This particular case identifies that you and your co-workers can be a part of the solution and help prevent crimes against the business.

You should not assume that because you have a perimeter fence, gate or roller door that your site is impregnable. “A six-wheeler truck is capable of taking down a steel gate or fence and potentially a roller door.” As recent as four weeks ago a truck was disturbed whilst acting suspiciously in the Wiri industrial area at 3:00AM. This tells us that “criminals will use the tools they need to gain entry whether that be a truck, car or a crow bar.”